Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Animation Reel 2009

2009Animation Showreel Denis Constantinou from Denis Constantinou on Vimeo.


"TORI CAT" said...

Dude!!! This friggin rocks!!!!
Your bloody amazing!! You have come on so much!!
All looks awesome!!
Loving the 3d!! Those characters look sweeeeet!!
Ha ha, the guy with the curly tash and the fat kid look so good!! Did you model them as well??
"Every Frame has heart..... whether its drawn or not!!"
I guess there is not turning back to 2D then for you??
Where are you at the mo? Have you got a job or any plans yet?
Take it easy dude!!
Im so super impressed!!
Mucho loves,
Tori Cat.xx

"TORI CAT" said...

Ooooo, just seen your portfolio too!!!
Loving your character designs!! I really wanna watch your film!! It looks awesome!!
OK, im gonna stop going on now, before your head gets any bigger!! ;) hee hee!!
adios amigo!!.x

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

ey dennis
I love your 2d animation,,, its really good, the yellow fish and the girl turntable is brilhant,, good stuff, congrats

Anonymous said...

Agaphte Denis, enta3ei sto 4ito an jai 8a se snobarw alla eleos pion, h duleia su en DIKAZETAI, kala po8e na arke4w jai p na teleiwsw!?
Ulla t 3D animation su afisan me afwno, pros story line, character environment jai tehnikh, aplos gamata.
Epishs arese m polla to story board animatics su, arkata straight to the point cookie cutter stuff!
File pu ise jai den se 3erume damesa? -.- eleos, krima, egw en polla tixaia p ivra t duleia su jai nmz eni3erw allo Kypreo ths genias mas tulahiston p fkalei etsi duleia s tunton tomea.
Enna 8ela na valw link ths istoselidas su sth dikh mu, jai enna 8ela thn adia su jai thn sigata8esh su.
Feel free 2 have a sneaky look at mine.